L'Oréal Paris | Color Riche Matte Addiction

March 13, 2017

 L'Oréal Paris may have brought out the most comfortable matte lipsticks I've ever tried.

Matte is more. More matte, more pigment, more moisture. That's the L'Oréal Paris Color Riche Matte Addiction new lipstick line slogan, and I couldn't agree more. These twelve quickly have become my go-to, always in my bag, lipsticks. They are packed with pure pigments for vivid color and enriched with camelia oil for hydration and comfort. They are super easy to apply thanks to the classic shape of the lipstick, though for the red shades I would still suggest using a matching lip pencil. But most importantly they feel very comfortable on the lips. Almost as if you had a chapstick on. From the whole range my Top 3 shades are Moka Chic, Erotique and Mahogany Studs. 
All 12 shades are now available in the Baltics.
Which is your favorite shade? 
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  1. These look lovely! Erotique would probably be my top pick.

  2. Lieliskas lūpu krāsas. Pāris jau izmēģināju, un momentāni kļuva par favorītiem! :)

  3. I eyed Erotique in a store and I will probably try it soon ;)

  4. Thanks for a review! I have to definitely try them too. But btw. are those colors really matte though? The swatches look more as if they would be more of the vetvety/creamy type.

    1. I specially applied one right now just for this reply :D They are definitely not matte like liquid matte lipsticks, I would say they are more velvet matte. They could look more creamy in the swatches because I used an oil based makeup remover between the shots to remove the previous lipstick.