Bold Spring

March 21, 2016

Bold makeup, new hair!

Decided to do a makeup look with a lot of products that I haven't tried before, like all of the products from Oriflame - the powder is ok, but the concealer does nothing for me and the mascara, well - do you see my lashes here playing hide and seek? I think this one is a miss for me. Still, my all time favorite one from them is the Eyes Wide Open mascara. Also for the first time tried the NYX most famous jumbo pencil in Milk. Ok, now I get what the fuss is all about. I don't think the lime shade eyeshadow would have turned up to the party if not for that eye pencil. And you will also soon hear a review on the Maybelline Dream Velvet foundation. Oh and yes, I got a new chop! I wanted a change, so I headed to the hairdresser and asked for something new and short. I didn't intend to go this short but oh well .. :D


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  1. Uhhh, kas par frizūras maiņu! :) Tieši vakar gāju cauri tavam blogam un apbrīnoju tavus matus :)

    Bet izskatās ļoti, ļoti labi. Un make-ups kā jau vienmēr tev - on fleek, tā teikt :)

    1. Man liekas, ka drīz es pati arī iešu cauri un skatīšos uz garo matu bildēm ar nopūtu :D

      Ouuu, paldies pat on fleek :)))

  2. Skaists griezums - piestāv ;) & makeup arī pavasarīgs ;))

  3. man ļoti patīk - droši un skaisti!
    tāds matu garums Tev ļoti piestāv:)