Midnight Sky

January 26, 2016

 There are some makeup looks I love to repeat.

This has to be my favorite look from LA. Because I liked so much how it looked on the day that I wore it, I decided to re-create it and take some pictures to post it here! For this look though I tried the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Soft Brown, that I got at Sephora while I was there. Unfortunately this is not my color at all - it is just too warm and even orangy in different lighting :( (I had to play around a bit in Lightroom just to reduce that orange shade, so I could still post these photos) Bummer, because I really like the texture of it and it's a dream to apply. Will have to figure out what to do now with that pomade. I also filmed a US Haul video over the weekend, but unfortunately I wasn't happy with the way it looked on the computer, so that means I will have to re-film it all over again. And the vlog is coming as well! I just have to get some videos from Maret and Riti :) 
Have a lovely Tuesday!!


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  1. Love how that lipstick looks on you!

    I also ordered the Dipbrow in Soft Brown, and now I'm super scared that it will also pull too red on me. :D

    1. Yh, me too :D

      From Beautybay? It's not that it's red, it's just that the undertone of it is very warm on me. Cooler browns suit me better. I want a new one, but now I'm quite scared to order a new one :D

    2. Yes, I've been stalking the post office for the past three weeks - the delivery is painfully slow!

      Well, warm undertones are a "no-no" for me, but we'll see how it goes. They do have an Ash Brown shade, though it looks almost black. Bummer!

    3. My Morphe palette came in exactly 2 weeks time. It should've been here if it's been 3 weeks already.

      It's a pain to figure out the tones online, because if you check and try to compare them on Sephora and Beauty Bay, they look different. Though, I would say (rechecked) that looking at Sephoras shade samples they are more precise than on Beauty Bay.

  2. Love the lipcolor!

    I am going to the US in the end of this week and I am so going to buy some shades from that collection!

    1. It's my favorite at the moment :)

      Ohh so cool!!! Have fun & definitely stock up on them cuz they sell out fast! ;D