Lights, Camera, Action!

January 1, 2016

 2016, I already have a quiet inkling, that you are going to be fabulous!

Dress: H&M | Trousers: Zara | Heels: Primark Bag: Vaskala | RingVerba 
I had intended to post this yesterday or the day before to show you what I would wear if I would go out to celebrate the New Year, but with everything happening (to be unfolded very soon), I just got so into having a well deserved time off of the blogging world (hence the silence on my instagram feed) that I totally forgot to share it on time. 
2015 was definitely a year to remember. Even though nothing very grand happened throughout the year until the very end of it, the train started to slowly depart from the station to the destination I have envisioned it has to reach. It was the year when I finally felt that things started to happen. Very slowly, but surely. Even not that many days ago, I was again shown that dreams do come true, if you work very hard and persistently.  
I hope you had a lovely New Year Eves celebration, either with friends at a party, public event or home. This year, like the previous, I decided to keep it low key and spent the last hours of 2015 and the first of 2016 with my girls at home. I hope 2016 will bring you a lot of breathtaking adventures, new opportunities and a lot of love! For myself, I wish to improve my makeup skills, maybe finally enroll in a makeup school, travel a little bit more than I did last year and maybe brighten up that wardrobe of mine, haha
Let's make this year the best year of our lives!! Cheers! 
Photos by Brigita Dambe 


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  1. love that dress, need to borrow it! (haha)

    1. Mhm, will have to keep an eye on it, haha

  2. Gorgeous drees, love the open back and bow :))

  3. Love the elegant touch of the dress! Still a fun and flirty piece ;)