September 18, 2015

Palm trees in your front yard make a good background.

Dress: Mango | Necklace: H&M Earrings: ASOS (similar here & here)
The blue sky, palm trees, white houses, frapee, the hour before sunset and tropical nights are the things that I miss the most right now. If after the first visit I left with a crush on Greece, then after this one I'm completely in love. It's hard to fully explain how I feel when I'm there. It's like I can breathe deeper, I feel closer to the surroundings and appreciate every day more than I do here.
This dress was a last minute find. Of course I didn't get it to wear throughout the day, because it was just a "tad bit" too hot for long sleeves, but it was perfect on the last nights of our stay, when the nights got a little bit cooler. 

Photos by Līva Bambale 
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  1. Ļoti skaista nosakaņa :) Šajā drūmajā rītā pilnīgi arī sagribējās siltus laikapstākļus, kurus izbaudot pagrozīties pie palmām un ziediem!

    1. Paldies! :)
      Jā, man arī tā vien gribas kā pa jaunu sakrāmēt somu un doties atpakaļ!

  2. looking amazing, missing these palm trees!