Out Of The City

June 21, 2015

You can't take the city out of me even in the countryside. 

Shirt: H&M | Jeans: H&M + self ripped Necklaces: the longer one was a gift & the eye is from Rhodes
Hat: H&M (similar here & here| Watch: River Island
If you follow me on instagram, you probably saw that not so long ago I had a little escape from the city to the countryside. Armored with a camera, two outfits, a little bit of makeup I was ready to soak up some fresh air. This is my take on countryside chic. I found this hat in H&M while my sister was trying on shoes. At the beginning I thought that I will take the one with a more green-ish undertone, but my sister convinced me to get this one, because as she put it "it's more classic" which means it would look good with almost everything. And I'm glad I listened. This hat is going to get a lot of wear this summer, because even more than before I'm cautious about the sun, so I am not planning on roasting on the beach this year. And yes, that's a mans shirt. It was impossible to find what I was looking for in the womans department, so I had to have a peek at mens and found this one. Now I want to sleep in it, go out for coffee in it, go to the beach to watch sunset in it. May need to stock up on these.
P.S - if you're curios, this is the same makeup I did in the tutorial over here.

Photos by Līva 
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  1. ļoti skaisti... un par pilsētu - ai kā saprotu....man vienmēr šķitis, ka pilsētā ir vieglāk elpot, bet pieaugot arvien vairāk un vairāk un vairāk velk atpakaļ pie zemes...uij... krekls fantastisks un es tā arī dažreiz daru pa nakti izguļos, no rīta aizvedu bērnu uz skolu, aizeju parušināties pa dārzu, tad uz pludmali vienā un tajā pašā vīra vecajā kreklā ha ha ha...... par vīriešu nodaļām veikalos....viņu drēbes vienmēr vienmēr uzrunā vairāk...mani....

  2. Fantastic photos! Love the details of the rolled up sleeves and that necklace :-)

    Jeffrey Chung