May 26, 2015

This weather makes me want to wear color.
Faux leather jacket: Cubus (similar here and here) | Dress: Asos | Jeans: H&M | Boots: Asos
Bag: Asos (similar here)| Earrings: Asos
It's so nice to finally be able to get out my spring/summer clothes that I started to collect this past autumn/winter. ASOS is definitely one of those destinations where I, mostly every day, go for an online stroll. I'm always looking for something new, something that's missing from my wardrobe. And with the wedding, holiday season approaching I find myself there more often. It's just easy, no need to rush, no ques. With all this shopping I think that probably very soon we'll be on first name basis with the delivery guy. Also, surprising myself, I'm kind of liking having a bit of bright colors in my outfit.   
What is your favorite online?

Photos by Līva Bambale 
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  1. Es ceru, ka raksts par šo makeup ar plānojas, jo tas izskatās lieliski! Mani interesē viss - no A līdz Z kā izskatīties tik perfekti! :)

    1. Paldies par mega komplimentu!! :)))
      Es nevarēju izlemt vai ir vērts kaut ko uzrakstīt vai nē, laikam vien būs kaut kas jāuzcepj :D

  2. Tev piestāv krāsas!! Ja vēl tik beigtu līt..