Golden Rose Nail Polishes

April 29, 2015

With these nail polishes you don't need seven layers to get the color.
Golden Rose Selective nail polishes in shades 04, 12 and 16
Those who follow me on instagram or facebook probably remember, that a while ago I posted a photo with beautiful white nails, with a comment that it took me only seven layers of nail polish. When I was painting them, after the third layer, when I still wasn't satisfied with the coverage and the look of them, I decided to start to count how many layers would it take for them to be really white. I stopped at seven and decided that next time I am not doing this all over again. I was recommended to try the OPI nail polish. I had planned to check the stand when I would be in Stockman or Galeria Riga, but before I got there I found a nail polish that costs a lot less and doesn't take many layers to get the right shade.  
Very often, when there are special prices in Drogas I like to pick up one of the Golden Rose nail polishes, because I'm really satisfied with the quality of them. The first shade that I picked up from the trio, was the Nr. 12, that is the brownish one. After a week of trying and testing it (for a whole week there was not a single chipped nail) I decided that next time when I'm in Drogas I'm going to pick up another shade. Not long after that I found myself in the Kr. Valdemara street 14 shop where was a stand with quite a lot of shades to choose from. The first one that caught my eye was the shade Nr. 16, that is the pink one, and then I also saw that they have a white shade in Nr. 04. I tested it there on spot and thought that it was kind of ok, and why not give it a go. Well, I sure don't need no more OPI :) It's longlasting with good coverage and you don't need more than two layers of it. 
Have you ever tried the Golden Rose nail polishes? 
*In all of the photos I've painted my nails with only two layers.

Photos by me
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  1. Es laikam sāku nojūgties, bet man baigi baigi patīk tas pēdējais rozā tonis. Un nākamreiz Tu mani vedīsi uz veikalu pēc tā baltā toņa, I need it asap!


  2. Atceros cik melnā nagu laka bija liels trends, tā tagad jau baltā soļo vairākus pavasarus kā top krāsa. Baltais ir jaunais melnais :D Visi toņi skaisti, tik žēl, ka man tās attiecības ar nagu lakām tādas greizas :D

  3. Man ari ir 16 tonis! :) Lakas tiešām lieliskas, noturība pārsteidzoši laba, plaša krāsu izvēle un cenas smieklīgas. :)) Vienīgais, kas man nepatika bija iepakojums, liekas, ka tas mūžību jāskrūvē vaļā un ciet.