H&M Conscious Exclusive Preview

March 24, 2015

That hashtag pretty much sums up my thoughts about this collection. 
H&M is definitely one of my favorite brands, if you already haven't noticed that from my outfit posts. And it's not only because of their friendly prices, I also sincerely really love what they have in stores! Their basic and exclusive collections are my favorite. Though for the exclusive ones you do have to save up a bit. So every time I get an invitation to the showroom to see the latest exclusive collections before they hit the stores, I get all giddy and excited. 
So this past Friday I went to have a look at the new Conscious Exclusive collection. Conscious collections are especially close to my heart because of the the idea behind it - making fashion sustainable and sustainability fashionable.   
The main inspiration behind this collection comes from all around the world, concentrating on the diversities of a dress. The sleeveless maxi dress for example is made out of organic linen and silk and is decorated with hand-drawn bird figures. The black cocktail dress is made out of the Tencel® material and recycled wool, but you can feel the impact of Africa when looking at the recycled sequins that decorates it. As for the sleeveless cocktail dress, it has print that is influenced by the Japanese pattern and organic hemp, organic silk and organic cotton have been used creating it. As you see from the photos above there are many more garments that have been made using organic, recycled materials, making every piece very special and in a way one of a kind. 
As you probably already saw on instagram I am all about that maxi skirt! And the more I look the more I'm starting to like that bomber jacket and the maxi dress. Do you already see a favorite? 
Available in about 200 H&M stores starting from April 16th. 

Photos by me
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  1. man patīk... bet noteikti jau atkārtpjos hm pērku tikai savam 6gadīgajam puikam - par sevi - ieju veikalu un iznāku ārā....piekrītu, ka exkluzīvās kolekcijas ir skaistas, bet sajūta, ka visi tad tajās arī staigā... nav jau it kā problēma ... varbūt papētīšu.... materiāli ir visinteresantākais....

  2. To put it in Rachel Zoe words - #idie - that sums up my emotions on this collection pretty damn good.


  3. wow how amazing do all of the pieces look?! And that bomber mhmmm so good. Also I can understand the excitement about the maxi skirt because its perfection! I wish I would just get an invitation from h&m now and then too! I would go all crazy and giggly too haha :)

    Sophie xx


    1. I was drooling all the time while taking these photos :D
      Hehe, well keep up the good work you're doing with your blog and maybe they will notice you and send an invitation your way when they'll have the next presentation ;)

  4. Ļoti skaisti maxi svārki un maxi kleita, taču jau regulāro kolekciju pašas skaistākās lietas tiek izķertas momentā, kaut arī zvanu uz veikalu un vaktēju katru brīdi, ja kaut ko skaistu izdodas iegādāties, tad tā ir tīrā veiksme, tad nu iedzeršu savu kafiju par to, lai šoreiz man paveicas un, nejauši ieejot veikalā, manas lietas manā izmērā smaidītu man pretī!