They say it's addictive. I can approve - it surely is.
After receiving the gift, I opened the box quite skeptically, ready to dislike the fragrance (I usually don't like most of the assortment in the stores that's why it's a pain in the bottom for me to find perfume that I would like). But I was so pleasantly relieved - not only did I like the dark and sequin-like decorated bottle, I also was totally hooked on the fragrance! *happydance* (I really did do a happy dance). 
There is just something about them. I think it has something to do with the fact that notes of coffee dominate the scent (If you follow me on instagram, you've probably noticed that I'm a self proclaimed coffeeholic). It's topped off with additional accords of orange blossom, jasmine, vanilla, patchouli and cedar. So it is strong, but still very feminine with a touch of mysterious elegance.   
I've had them for a week and I've been wearing them every day, that has to mean something, right?