Drugstore Concealers

October 21, 2014

We've all had those sleepless nights or bad skin days - so we all know what a magic tool can the good old concealer be.
Lately I've been slacking with my sleeping regime and now it all has started to greet me in the face - heeelllo giant bags under my eyes with even bigger dark circles! I thought I knew how a big sack would look under my eyes, but I was not prepared for what greeted me in the mirror. Turns out I am no wonder woman that runs on coffee after all *sad face* and I need to stop mistreating myself (note, must work on that. let's just ignore this once that as I'm writing this it's 1am & wake up call is at 6am. oops!).
So here, to save the day, steps in the good old concealer. To be honest I have quite a problem when it comes to concealers. When a new product comes out, especially in drugstores, I have to get it and test it and see if it's that next can't live without, can buy without closing my eyes when paying product.
As in right now my collection consists only (surprisingly) of 6 drugstore concealers. These are the ones that have mostly passed the test and seem to be mention worthy.
Max Factor Pan Stik in 12 (True Beige) This is my second one and it's probably not the last time I'm going to repurchase it. The texture reminds me a mousse/whipped foundation, but harder. So if you over do it, you can end up with a pretty cake-y look. Sometimes on a very lazy/good skin day I wear it as my foundation. I just dab it around my face, under my eyes and then blend it out with my Real Techniques buffing brush.
Maybelline FIT Me! in 10 Heard some good reviews about this before I got it. Though the first time I tried it I was not pleased as it was kind of yellow on my skin. Ok, it still is kind of yellow, haven't changed my skin color recently, but as it blends in nicely, it is alright if you use a foundation over it and blend them both together. Probably not going to repurchase it as the coverage also for me personally is a 2 out of 5.
Catrice Allround concealer palette Totally a spontaneous buy. Got this because I was really intrigued by the colors on the palette - especially the pink and the green color as they promise covering dark circles with the pink and neutralize redness with the green one. Maybe I put on too much of the pink one, but it more looked like I spent the whole night crying rather than having a 9 hour beauty rest (yes, I did put on another concealer over it and then a bit of foundation). I do like to use the light shades when I'm popping out to take some outfit pictures, because it gives a decent coverage and is good as a highlighter under the eyes. Wouldn't though wear it daily, as I wouldn't want to check myself in the mirror every now and then to see if it's still in tact. Probably going to last me a while, so no need to even think about repurchasing.
Oriflame Studio Artist in Light Got this when I was desperate for a new concealer. And it does it's job well, except, of course, I'd love a better coverage for the eyes sake. Blends in really well. Basically it's a good everyday concealer when you've had at least 7 hours of sleep. It will work well on spots, though it won't hide them totally, it will cover the redness and give you a more natural look. May repurchase if a better one doesn't show up on the market. 
Rimmel Match Perfection in 010 (Ivory) Another one of those oh why the hell not sale buys. Not a huge fan of the brush it has on. I find it kind of leaves streaks, but maybe that's just me. Another one of everyday concealers that works well if you've got some sleep. I'd say the coverage is a little bit better than the Oriflame's. Though, probably going to use till end, but not planning to repurchase.
Collection 2000 in 1 (Fair) Leaving the best for last. My absolute favorite. And of course you can't get it where I live. Luckily my friend goes to London every other month and with a little bit of persuasion from my part (oh who I'm kiddin, she's an angel and all I have to say is "please,..") she brings me back some, so I can stock them up (I've got 2 now waiting for their turn). So it's a no-brainer about the repurchase part. I love how it blends, I love the coverage, solid 4 of 5, and I love how lasting it is. I bet if my skin wasn't on the oily side it would last me the whole day!! Highly recommend.
 What is your go-to drugstore concealer?
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  1. Esmu lietojusi trīs no apskatītajiem konsīleriem/korektoriem (MaxFactor, Catrice un Rimmel) . Ja jāizvēlas no drugstore piedāvājuma, noteikti Rimmel - laba tekstūra un pietiek ilgam laikam. Arī Essence Stay Natural konsīlerim nav ne vainas. :)
    Mans visu laiku favorīts ir The Body Shop Lightening Touch.

    1. Vot Essence es kaut kā vienmēr noskatu, bet nenopērku. varbūt tādēļ, ka tā produkcija, bez nagu lakām, īsti līdz galam nav uzrunājusi.
      Ok, tas nav mēģināts. Cik lielu coverage no 5 tu dod tam Body Shop konsīlerim?

    2. TBS konsīlerim sedzamība principā nav nekāda, tomēr pandas acis pēc negulētas nakts labi izgaismo un padara možākas. Man TBS patīk labāk nekā YSL.

  2. wow....man nav neviena, jo nepatīk mēģināt un meklēt.. gribas tā - aizej un nopērc un ir ideāls...man paveicies, pērkot lūpukrāsu un vēl šo to pie Dior, tiku pie korektora un vaigu sārtuma...tad nu esmu atlikusi to grūto izvēles izdarīšanu atkal uz kādu laiciņu.... ieinteresēja komentos elīnas minētais no body shop..... ahaa un man jau šķiet, ka mums daudzām vajadzētu piestrādāt pie gulētiešanas režīma..... man kafija mājās aizvakar izbeidzās un doma ir nepirkt...ja kafiju iedzeru ārpus mājas tad tās būtu max 3...ja mājās tad kādas 8as dienā...sajūta točna, ka ne jau ar kafiju darbojamies.....

    1. Mhm, iespējams man ar jāpalūko kā ir ar to Body Shop konsīleri :)
      Mani mēģinājumi samazināt kofeīna devu vienmēr ir beigušies ar migrēnām. Pamatīgi pieradināts organisms :/

  3. Es gandriz nelietoju concealers, looti reti, ja nu liekas, ka vajag, bet ja nu tur kaut kas nesmuks sameties maigi parklaju ar foundation un piepudereju, bet ipasi nesatraucos. Man nepatik smagneja make up sajuta. Ja ta padoma visiem ir zilie rinki zem acim vai nu geni, vai neguletas naktis, vai vel kas. Man liekas vistrakak izskatas kad meitene/ sieviete salikusi visu nu, taaa, ka uhhhh.. pa gabalu skaisti, bet tuvuma omg.