RDMV Fashion Show

June 15, 2014

I'm 100% sure that yesterday I saw some of the future best Latvian designers.

Yesterday I got the chance to visit RDMV fashion show. See mostly all of the collections of this years graduates and be a proud sister at the same time (my sister is one of the graduates)
The graduates task was to choose a Latvian painters masterpiece, get inspired and build a collection after it. After seeing their collections I am very curious to see the paintings behind these garments and sort of put it all together. 
After seeing all the work that was put in my sisters collection, I was looking at the show with a different perspective. It's one thing to hear famous designers talking about their collections and all the work that goes behind it, but it's a totally different thing to see it beforehand and even be a little part of it. I can only imagine the adrenaline rush they were going through hours, even minutes before the show.

Photos by me
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  1. Šis gads izceļas! Kura Tavas māsas kolekcija? :)

    1. Viennozīmīgi!!
      Bildes nr. 8 un nr. 9 - meln/pelēk/zil/baltie mēteļi :)

    2. Coats go a long way! Tiešām skaisti! :)