Dusty Pink

April 14, 2014

It's time for a new coat, don't ya think?
With spring approaching (hey Spring, I don't really want to be bossy or anything, but could you please 
hurry up a little (read a lot)??) very slowly, but still approaching, I'm starting to look for some light 
coat/jacket options to greet it. While browsing the internet I stumbled upon these two options. I'm not really a pink kind of gal, since middle school (I'm talking about bright pink flare jeans with 
puffy side pockets. I get chills even from the memory), but for some mysterious reason dusty pink 
or even a little darker dusty pink seems something fresh and new. And I can already see how good it would look with all of my black, grey and white pieces.  
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  1. Both beautiful shades!

    Jules x

    1. :)
      what kind of color would you go for?

  2. Love the colors! I may need to add this to my wardrobe next fall.

  3. Ohh, coat number 1! Love it!
    With love,


    | justlikesushi.com |

  4. I lovee the first coat, it's so pretty and perfect!

  5. I'm usually not into pink but I have to say this particular shade is really pretty and would indeed be perfect for spring <3 xx