summer twilight

Summer twilight's at countryside always seem more grand. I guess the nature element plays a big role. All the fields, trees make it more noticeable. You don't have that in the city. 
So here are some of my favorite shots.

pool side

One of the things that change when you grow up - the views on things and places. If before this place was just a good place where to cool off on hot summer days, then this time I saw it as a refreshing background for some pictures.

an hour at Kalnciema quarter

Lately I've been really into photo reports. So here's one from Saturday when I met up with my friend and went to the Kalnciema quarter.

weekend getaway

Last weekend I took a short trip to the countryside, so here's a little photo diary of it.

makeup crush: 24hr color tattoo eyeshadow

Looking for that perfect bronze eyeshadow that stays in place longer than an hour and also looks pretty fabulous? 


Those who follow me on twitter and instagram know that I FINALLY attended Positivus festival a litle more than  a week ago. An event that has been on my wishlist/to-do/to-go, basically every list I have.
And boy, it was fun! 

Body Shop tea tree BB cream

It is literally boiling right now in Riga *fans myself*, so let's talk makeup. More precisely - what we put on our faces.