A Little About Me

Well, hello there! And welcome to Alksne!
I'm Laura and I'm happy to see you here in this online corner of mine. I'm a self-proclaimed and self-taught makeup junkie. My weaknesses include very creamy, good coverage concealers and big, bold, colorful, metallic (preferably) eye shadow palettes. I believe that no highlight is too strong or unwearable and smokey eyes are not only for the evening hours. I have rocky relationships with eyeliners and false eyelashes. My style is always evolving, but the only thing that stays the same is my love for black. Black jeans, a long top, Converse and a fedora hat is my go to uniform, but because it would be too boring to post the same outfit every single time, once in a while I take out those heels and add a splash of color to my usually monochrome looks.

You're not seeing wrong - those are falsies on me eyes!

High levels of stress, pollution, lack of sleep and daily life excesses - sounds pretty familiar, right? At the beginning of the year Lancôme came out with a new line called Énergie de Vie that was created for the sole purpose to reawaken tired, dull skin and give you an instant glow. During the summer I used them on and off, but recently I have been reaching for them daily, so *drumroll* here's my review.

Oh hello October!

Life's been pretty busy recently.

It's all in the little things.. 

From the first glance, I knew it had to be mine.