/picture taken and edited by me/

I tend to take snapshots wherever I go, I like to think that that's one thing I took after my grandpa. He always 
had a camera with him. Always eager to capture the moment. I still have some of them at my apartment 
on display. It sort of reminds me of him more that his picture would.  
When I took this photo I didn't expect it to turn out so beautifully. Well, I admit, the filter brought out the best 
of it, but still. It's one of those captures that make me want to walk around and see more than usually. 
All the little things, that make everyday more special.


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Be courageous!

dusty pink

It's time for a new coat, don't ya think?


Sundays are for brunches and big salad bowls. Long conversations and delicious coffee. Movies and popcorn.
What do you like to do on your Sundays?

/photo by me/

alexander wang x h&m


Now these are some damn thrilling news for a Sunday morning.

 8 hours ago Wang announced this collaboration to be in stores November 6th. Happy dance around the room.
I wasn't expecting this, but who was, really? but I'm really happy and excited about this collaboration.
Also really curious to see how Wangs signature will show in this collection.

Time to save up some money girls and boys, because I believe there will be pieces you won't
want to miss out on. 

chop chop

Chop, chop. 
As you can see, I had a little chop a couple of weeks ago. 
Sometimes I think I should write little essays after my visits to the hairdresser - there always ends up a 
story after the new hair-do. This time was no exception. I guess it can never go smoothly for me when it has to do with my hair. So here we go ...