A Little About Me

Well, hello there! And welcome to Alksne!
I'm Laura and I'm happy to see you here in this online corner of mine. I'm a self-proclaimed and self-taught makeup junkie. My weaknesses include very creamy, good coverage concealers and big, bold, colorful, metallic (preferably) eye shadow palettes. I believe that no highlight is too strong or unwearable and smokey eyes are not only for the evening hours. I have rocky relationships with eyeliners and false eyelashes. My style is always evolving, but the only thing that stays the same is my love for black. Black jeans, a long top, Converse and a fedora hat is my go to uniform, but because it would be too boring to post the same outfit every single time, once in a while I take out those heels and add a splash of color to my usually monochrome looks.

It's only you who can appreciate your own worth.

A couple of days ago I finally received my Morphe Brushes Fall Into The Frost palette (35F). After 5 weeks I already had given up on seeing it. But it did come. Unfortunately with 4 shattered eye shadows. Even though it's not exactly photographic now (I think I was more bummed about that rather than the fact that 4 shadows were gone) it still is a bomb eye shadow palette. After some swatches decided that the first colors I will try will be these burgundy/pink shades.More looks with it coming soon.




In all honestly I have no idea where the past month and a half went. My favorite word to describe my life recently has been "hectic". I hope I will get it out of my vocabulary some time soon. Being away from blogging has made me realize how much I actually enjoy it. At one point it did feel mechanical - new makeup look, review, review, new makeup look, outfit post. Only when I stopped did I realize how much I miss taking, editing photos, sharing my opinions. I really hope I will have the time and energy to continue working with this space. 
Hope to see you soon in the next post. Hopefully soon!

These High Keys got me shoook!