autumn statements

Every season there are couple of statement pieces that I like to invest my money in. As of right now looks like I can cross out the hat and the coat from the list.

mellow Sunday

Sundays, you are meant to be spent slowly - sipping coffee while soaking up sun.

details: making the dress

It all starts with an idea. Or this particular time - with the fabric and the need of a new dress.

between season

September is here (actually in full swing) and after this hot summer we have also been gifted with one of the best Indian summers I have experienced.

summer twilight

Summer twilight's at countryside always seem more grand. I guess the nature element plays a big role. All the fields, trees make it more noticeable. You don't have that in the city. 
So here are some of my favorite shots.

pool side

One of the things that change when you grow up - the views on things and places. If before this place was just a good place where to cool off on hot summer days, then this time I saw it as a refreshing background for some pictures.

an hour at Kalnciema quarter

Lately I've been really into photo reports. So here's one from Saturday when I met up with my friend and went to the Kalnciema quarter.